I had for some time been thinking in what manner I would like to continue my career as a professional chef. Ten years in restaurantkitchens seemed enough.

Somehow it seemed to me that in the restaurants I'm just a part of the great whole and that I never get to decide what kind of experience the customer gets from the food i make. However, it is true that only about 25% of the customer experience is based on food. The remaining 75% depends entirely on other factors, eg. the service and the milieu.

I wanted more. I want to influence people more through my food.
In the autumn of 2015 I founded Lupo Catering!

The name Lupo Catering came almost by it self. My love against italian food an my hometown Sipoo led me. In the Sipoo arms there is a Wolf. Wolf is Lupo in italian.
My intention is not to make a large faceless cateringcompany. I want to make people truly good food and above all, share my own stories and my foodfilosophy.
I make food for parties of all sizes! Whether youre having a large gathering or a small family dinner, when you order me to your party you will definitely get a good food.

-Eemeli Liljeström