I don´t have any ready fixed menus, I always do the customer a personalized product .
This way the customer always gets a high quality seasonal product that is suitable for the situation, and I can keep myself motivated aswell.

Italian cuisine is close to my heart so I gladly make food from that area. I also have a strong background in traditional Finnish cooking. I'm also familiar with flavors from other parts around the world.

You can decide if it's just me who show up at yuor party or do I take with me the dishes, a waiter, or perhaps a second chef.

The areas i work in are basicly unlimited. I make food wherever I am needed. Mainly in Sipoo , Porvoo and Helsinki. My kitchen is in Pornainen.


For example a three course dinner for ten persons:



Or a saladbuffé for 30 persons:



The price always depends on the costumers needs.