Kiva cafe-streetfood-bar


I have been cooperating with these true professionals for a long time. They know who to contact when they need them the best quality for their customers.
With them I have got to cook in spectacular places.

Seasong Travels

If you want a true arcipelago experience and good food, the direction you need to take is Norkullalandet. I designed them some arcipelago inspired menus. With some luck you may even find me on the island!


Son Of a Punch

When you talk about high quality cocktails in Finland, these are your go to guys!

Their cocktail catering contact me when they need high-quality food to pair with their cocktails.


I've been doing business with theese guys for a long time before they opened Kiva in Porvoo. It all started with the planig of the product together with the entrepreneurs. Then i designed the kitchen for them. After some tests and tastings the product was ready. I made the recipes, and uducated the staff. I was also involved in the launch of the restaurant.
Kiva is an incredible success story that continues on going, with Lupo!


Taste of Helsinki/ASK

I have been participating Taste of Helsinki food event two years. In 2016 I was at ASK as a team leader. We made thousands of high-quality portions in four days. Hopefully you will see me at the event in future aswell!